6 easy ways to get more protein in your diet

Do you struggle to eat enough protein in your daily diet? You’re not alone! This is one of the most common issues we see with new clients.

Consuming enough protein is essential when it comes to achieving your body composition goals. It helps retain muscle when you’re in a calorie deficit and is also required to build muscle. A high protein diet also helps with reducing hunger when dieting and keeping you feeling fuller for longer. But let’s face it, it’s the least fun macro to eat on a daily basis which is why so many people struggle to eat enough!

So here are 6 helpful tips to help increase your daily intake!

1. Start your day with protein

Most people have a low protein breakfast like cereal or toast which makes it harder to hit their protein target for the day. Aiming to get about 30g of protein in your breakfast will help make reaching your daily target so much easier! Some ideas are: protein oats, ham & egg white omelette, protein smoothie, protein pancakes, french toast, etc. You don’t need to give up your fave breakky – often just adding a protein shake will do the trick!

2. Bulk up the protein in your main meals

Your main meals are often the easiest opportunities to increase your protein intake. We recommend aiming to eat a minimum of 30g of protein in your lunch and dinner meals. The easiest way to increase your protein intake is simply by increasing the portion of protein in these meals. So for example if you normally have 80g of chicken breast, increase it to 100-120g instead!

3. Add higher protein snacks

Choose snacks that are higher in protein. Some ideas are: protein shakes, protein bars, high protein yoghurt, tuna & rice cakes, beef jerky, cottage cheese, home-baked goods, etc.

4. Consider a higher protein dessert

Dessert is another opportunity to increase your protein if you struggle to get enough during the day. Some ideas are: low calorie, high protein ice-cream, high protein yoghurt, high protein cookie or home-baked goods!

5. Invest in a protein supplement

Including protein powder in your diet is not essential, but is an extremely convenient way to help increase your protein intake. It is particularly helpful for vegetarians and vegans and also those who travel a lot. You can simply mix with it water or your fave milk and drink as a shake or add to smoothies, oats, yoghurt and baking!

6. Opt for leaner sources of protein

We often find that people struggle to reach their protein because they are over-consuming carbs and fats which doesn’t leave them enough calories for protein. The easiest way to increase your protein without adding excessive amounts of carbs/fats is to choose leaner sources of protein. Some ideas are: chicken breast, extra lean steak/beef mince, turkey breast, kangaroo, white fish, egg whites, whey/plant-based protein powder, high protein yoghurt etc.

Put these tips into practice and we promise that you’ll find reaching your daily protein target a lot easier! If you need help with your nutrition and ensuring that your diet is optimal for your goals, we’d love to assist you! Check out our 1:1 Personalised Coaching!

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