6 training mistakes that you might be making

Want to build muscle or increase strength? These things are likely preventing you from achieving that. We have done pretty much all of these back in the early days of our health and fitness journeys and constantly wondered why we weren’t seeing progress. We all start somewhere but if we can help prevent you wasting time and energy, we will!

Here are 6 reasons why you might not be seeing the results you want:

1. Focusing on the calories you burn

This is pointless, inaccurate data.

The amount of calories you burn in your sessions is not a reliable indicator of the effectiveness of your workout.

2. Just going through the motions

Rushing through your workouts without any attention to your form or the muscle groups you’re working isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Slow the movements down. Perform your sessions with intensity. Be intentional with your training.

3. Doing random plyometric exercises between sets

You don’t need to “keep your heart rate up” between sets.

Rest periods are essential! They allow you to recover between sets so that you can lift challenging weights with perfect form.

4. Using the same weights every week

You’re not going to be able to increase your weights every week. But challenging yourself to do more over time is an essential part of building muscle and strength!

If you’re doing the same thing every week, you’re not giving your body any reason to change!

5. Doing random workouts each week

“Shocking the muscle” is not a thing. Constantly changing your routine is the quickest way to NOT make progress.

The most efficient way to build muscle is through a structured weight training program with a focus on perfecting the movements and applying progressive overload over time.

6. Always thinking more is better

More is not better. Better is better.

There is an optimal level of training that exists on an individual basis and pushing your body beyond this level will not provide you with any further benefit. It just delays your recovery and increases your risk of injury.

Focus on the QUALITY of your training, not the QUANTITY. Take your rest days!

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