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This isn’t your average “challenge” – it’s a life changing experience! We don’t just help you get results, we give you all the tools you need to transform your body, mindset and relationship with food to make lasting changes – whatever your goal or starting point!

We’ve already helped thousands of women with our methods and we would love to help you too!

Find out why we are the most trusted challenge experience for women!

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What makes our challenges different?

We use science-based approaches to nutrition and training. Our methods are backed by evidence and allow you to get results without the restriction.

We help you eat the foods you love. We personalise your nutrition targets to your goals and create a sustainable meal plan based on your preferences. No foods are off limits with our flexible dieting approach!  

We help you train smarter, not harder. Our training programs focus on efficient and effective workouts for optimal results, no matter whether you train at home or at the gym.  

And most importantly, we help you get the results you want. We personally check in with you every week to ensure you are making progress towards your goals.

Results based on science. without the restriction.

Are you ready to ditch the fad diets and restriction?

Are you ready to get results without having to sacrifice your lifestyle or the foods you love?

This challenge is for you!


Everything you need to transform your body, mindset & relationship with food.

  • Personalised calorie and macronutrient targets
  • One full day meal plan based on your targets
  • Access to our meal plan builder with 220+ recipes
  • Weekly shopping list
  • 5 day training program (choose from gym or home based)
  • Optional HIIT cardio session
  • Weekly check ins via email
  • Interactive progress tracker
  • Daily tracking feature
  • Daily goal setting & reflection feature
  • 70+ learning modules
  • Lifetime access to our private Facebook community
  • The chance to win $1000 cash!

Transforming has never been easier.

Family friendly. Simple, delicious budget-friendly meals the whole family will love!

A personal trainer in your pocket. Convenient and sustainable for busy women.  

Budget-friendly. Transform for the cost of a coffee per day.  

All the support you need. You never feel more supported and inspired to achieve your goals when you become part of our community!

Proven results.

Real women. Real results. Check out these amazing results from our previous 8 Week Challenges.

Proven results.

Real women. Real results. Check out these amazing results from our previous challenges.


Goal: Reverse Diet
“Find Your Balance has honestly changed my life for the better. I’m so glad that I took that first step to sign up for that 8 week challenge. I saw more progress in 8 weeks than I did in all my years of working out and “dieting”. I would not be where I am now, mentally or physically, if I hadn’t taken the chance with Find Your Balance!”


Goal: Fat Loss
“FYB has changed my life! I now have a healthy relationship with food, I no longer restrict myself from anything and I'm getting stronger by the day. I'm a happier and positive person because of this amazing program and the support that comes with it, just ask my husband & kids!”


Goal: Fat Loss
“My favourite part of Find Your Balance is the flexibility in both nutrition and exercise and the amazing community! I've learned to overcome an all or nothing mentality. It truly is about balance. It's changed my health, mobility and fitness, but most importantly it's changed the way I think about food and myself. Life changing!”


Goal: Reverse Diet
“This challenge has helped me change my mindset around dieting and realise that I don’t need to eat low calories and do loads of cardio all the time to achieve my goals. I used to obsess over it and now I know how to use the flexible diet approach - everything is better, and I don’t have to miss out on my favourite foods.”


Goal: Fat Loss
“I could not believe how easy it was to lose the weight and along with that it became easier to exercise. The education on nutrition has been fantastic. I was so amazed at the amount and quality of food I was able to consume on the challenge. Holly & Alana are so supportive as are the rest of the ladies in the Find Your Balance family!”


Goal: Fat Loss
“The Find Your Balance Challenge has improved so many aspects of my life. Not only have I lost fat, my mental health and clarity and confidence have improved. I have an understanding of macros and calories and why they are important to achieving maintainable fat loss and I am educated about making healthier food and lifestyle choices.”

Choose any goal to work towards.

Fat loss

Lose body fat and lean down while maintaining muscle and eating the foods you love!

Muscle gain​

Build muscle and get stronger while minimising body fat gain.

Reverse dieting

Conquer your fear of food and learn how to eat more while minimising weight gain and improving your health.


Maintain your current weight while improving your overall health and performance!

Imagine what you could achieve with us.

Join thousands of women who have already transformed their lives using our methods!

$149 AUD

once off upfront payment

now available

4 Week Challenge FAQ

You’ll receive access to the Find Your Balance web app on Thursday 4th November 2021. You will have full access to everything from this date so that you can get ready to start on Monday 8th November!

Your personalised nutrition targets, example meal plan and your training program will be available on the web app by Monday 8th Novemeber 2021.

Our 4 week challenge will officially commence Monday 8th November 2021 and end on Sunday 7th December 2021. You can start at any time during this period however the end date can not be extended.

Unfortunately there is only an upfront payment option however we do have Afterpay available. If you are wanting a weekly payment option, we recommend our Find Your Balance Coaching Program which can be started at any time and paid on a weekly direct debit basis.

Absolutely, all our current clients are welcome to sign up to our challenges! Just complete the sign up process through our website and we’ll pause your payments for the 4 weeks so that you can continue on with us once the challenge finishes.

Yes, when you complete your onboarding consultation you will have the option to choose your goal from the following options – lose fat, build muscle, reverse diet or maintain your weight. Your nutrition targets will be completely customised to your personal goal.

Yes, the nutrition recommendations are completely customised to you, your goals and your preferences! We calculate your daily calorie target and macronutrient breakdown based on the information you provide us with during your onboarding consultation. We also provide you with an example day meal plan based on your targets, plus you’ll have access to our meal plan builder which contains over 220 delicious recipes, meals, snacks and foods so you’ll never get bored of eating the same thing!

The challenge training program is an 4 week training program with planned progression. There are 5 x weight training sessions in total – 3 lower body days and 2 upper body days with optional HIIT cardio included. You will be able to choose between a gym-based program or a home-based program to suit your preference. You will have the option to swap exercises based on your abilities/equipment available. We have a comprehensive training database on the web app with video exercise demonstrations and coaching cues for every exercise.

We encourage all our challenge clients to check in once a week through the web app so we can determine how you are progressing and whether any amendments need to be made to your nutrition or training recommendations to keep you on track. You can choose to check in less often though!

Your weekly check ins will be completed through the web app. You will be asked to provide your weight, girth circumferences, progress photos and answer a few questions regarding your compliance, biofeedback markers and whether you have any comments or concerns regarding your progress. We use all of this information to determine whether or not an adjustment needs to be made.

Our coaching team is available to answer any questions. Our web app has an extensive Learning Hub where you can access over 70 learning modules on a range of topics. We also have an exclusive Facebook group for our clients where you will receive support and encouragement from other like minded women sharing this journey with you. We also share lots of tips and tricks as well as do informative weekly live chats in this group to provide further education and support!

The challenge will be delivered through a web app on your phone/website on your desktop. It is not downloaded through an app store but can be saved to your phone’s home screen like an app for easy access.

1st Place: $1000 cash. 

The winner will be chosen based on a number of factors, not just who gets the best results. We value health, mindset, education and community so all these factors will be considered when determining our challenge winner. We will be looking at not only your results but also compliance to our recommendations, completion of learning modules and interaction within our client only Find Your Balance Family Facebook group.

Unfortunately you will only have continued access to the web app if you sign up to our Find Your Balance Personalised Coaching after the challenge ends.

Yes, we would absolutely love to continue working with you after the challenge ends to keep working towards your goals! Not all goals can be achieved in 4 weeks. All you will need to do to keep working with us is sign up to our Find Your Balance Personalised Coaching!

Our challenges are customised to you and with full adherence, we are confident that you will achieve the best results. Unfortunately, no refunds will be given. 


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