Transform in 8 weeks with Fit.

8 Week Training & Nutrition Program

Achieve a full body transformation while training less.

Don’t have a lot of time to train during the week? We’ve got you!

Our Fit 8 week program features a careful selection of quick, full body resistance-based workouts to ensure you get the results you want while training only 3 times per week!

We’ll also calculate your personalised nutrition targets & provide you with a meal plan to suit your goal – whether it’s to lose fat, build muscle or simply maintain your weight and feel your best! 

Who is fit for?

What’s included?



Accountability, education & support:

Disclaimer: Please note this is not a personalised training program, and is not recommended for those with injuries or certain health conditions. We are unable to modify this training program for specific requests. If you require a more customised training program, we recommend our
1:1 Personalised Coaching.

Everything you need to get results in your pocket.

We want to make achieving your goals as easy and convenient as possible! Have access to your training program, personalised nutrition targets, meal plan, 300+ delicious foods & recipes and tonnes of education through our web app.

Everything you need to get the results you want – all in one place!

Proven results from women just like you.

What can you achieve in 8 weeks with our Fit 8 Week Program? Let us show you!


How does fit work?


Purchase our Fit 8 Week Program and fill in your personal details.


We’ll calculate your personalised nutrition targets, create your meal plan and set you up with your training program through our web app within 24 hours.


Follow your training program and stick to your nutrition targets while enjoying the foods you love – all made easy and convenient with our web app!


Enjoy your results!

Get started today.

We now have Phase 2 of this training & nutrition program available! This new 8 week training program is the progression after you have completed Phase 1 and includes a review of your nutrition targets as well as a new example meal plan.

Fit 8 Week Program

$149 AUD

$149 AUD

one time payment

Afterpay available. 

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Our Elevate 8 Week Challenge is here!

This challenge experience is specifically designed to help you elevate your life. We’re here to help you elevate your results, elevate your mindset and elevate your self confidence using our sustainable and enjoyable methods!