8 week training & nutrition program

Are you ready to get lean with us?

Is your goal to lose body fat and achieve a more defined look?

This fun and challenging 8 week program contains a variety of resistance-based training and high-intensity circuits designed to burn body fat effectively and get the results you want!

We’ll also calculate your personalised nutrition targets & provide you with a meal plan to help ensure sustainable fat loss!

Who is lean for?

– if you want to lose body fat
if you want to increase your strength
– if you want to improve your fitness & conditioning
– if you are frustrated with putting in effort and not getting the results you want
– if you want to know how you should be eating to lose fat effectively
– if you want to get results without restriction

What’s included?



Accountability, education & support:

Disclaimer: Please note this is not a personalised training program, and is not recommended for those with injuries or certain health conditions. We are unable to modify this training program for specific requests. If you require a more customised training program, we recommend our
1:1 Personalised Coaching.

Everything you need to get results in your pocket.

We want to make achieving your goals as easy and convenient as possible! Have access to your training program, personalised nutrition targets, meal plan, 300+ delicious foods & recipes and tonnes of education through our web app.

Everything you need to get the results you want – all in one place!

How does it work?


Purchase our Lean 8 Week Program and fill in your personal details.


We’ll calculate your personalised nutrition targets, create your meal plan and set you up with your training program through our web app within 24 hours.


Follow your training program and stick to your nutrition targets while enjoying the foods you love – all made easy and convenient with our web app!


Enjoy your results!

Get started today.

Lean 8 Week Program


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Our Favourite Macro-Friendly Recipes For Busy Gals

In this FREE recipe eBook you’ll find 10 macro-friendly meals/snacks that are super easy to prepare, super easy to track in your food tracking app and most importantly – are super delicious! These recipes are straight from our Find Your Balance meal plan builder!