Eat the foods you love. Train smarter, not harder. Get the results you want.

Personalised, science-based nutrition, training and lifestyle coaching by certified personal trainers and registered pharmacists for women who want sustainable results.

We have helped thousands of women ditch the restriction and transform their lives using our methods and we cannot wait to help you too!

Are you ready to Find Your Balance?

Our Find Your Balance methods are all about empowering women to ditch the fad diets and restriction and take charge of their health and fitness through a personalised, evidence-based approach to nutrition and training.

Learn how to achieve your body composition goals while eating the foods you love. Train with purpose. Improve your relationship with food, exercise and your body. Achieve YOUR balance.

Everything you need to succeed.


Here at Find Your Balance, we believe it takes a lot more than just a cookie cutter diet and training program to make lasting changes. That’s why we provide you with all of the tools you need to get results and keep them.

Proven results.

Real women. Real results. Check out these amazing results using the Find Your Balance methods.

Meet your coaches.

Holly Louise and Alana are sisters who are both extremely passionate about empowering women through health and fitness! They are both certified personal trainers and registered pharmacists who focus on educating their clients on evidence-based nutrition and training methods.

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