7 things successful dieters always do

We’ve helped thousands of women just like you lose fat and keep it off using our enjoyable and sustainable methods. But not everyone achieves their goals. And so we wanted to share the 7 things that those who are SUCCESSFUL always do.

1. They are aware of their calorie intake.
Even if they don’t track their calories or food, they understand that calories still count and that being in a calorie deficit is required to make progress towards their fat loss goals.

2. They make their relationship with food a priority.
They don’t label foods as “good” or “bad” or exclude any foods from their diet unnecessarily. They understand that all foods can be part of a healthy, balanced diet.

3. They follow the 80/20 guideline.
They prioritise nutrient-dense foods and are mindful of food volume and satisfaction. They eat enough protein each day and have fruit/veggies with most meals. They include their favourite foods in moderation to satisfy cravings.

4. They see daily movement as a positive thing, not a chore.
They find ways to exercise and move their bodies that they enjoy. They also don’t use exercise as a form of punishment or beat themselves up for missing a session.

5. They adapt to challenges & own their choices.
They are able to pivot & adapt when unexpected things happen. If they choose to indulge, they own their decision and keep moving forward. They don’t blame others/ situations for their lack of compliance or progress.

6. They trust the process.
They understand that fat loss is not a linear process and they won’t lose weight every week. They know that weight fluctuations are normal and they don’t respond reactively by eating less or adding extra exercise.

7. They reach out for help.
They understand that while the theory of fat loss may be simple, the practical application of it isn’t! They aren’t afraid to reach out for guidance and accountability when they need it to guarantee their success.

That last one is an important one! If you’re sick of spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere when it comes to losing fat, and more importantly, keeping it off – it’s time to get some help!

If you’re wanting help with a structured nutrition plan, training program and accountability, we’d love to help! Click here for ways to work with us.

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