Transform in 8 weeks with express

8 Week Training & Nutrition Program

Achieve a full body transformation while training less.

Don’t have a lot of time to train during the week? We’ve got you!

Our Express 8 week program features quick and effective full body resistance-based workouts to ensure you lose fat while training only 3 times per week!

We’ll also calculate your personalised nutrition targets & provide you with 2 x example meal plans to ensure you lose fat and feel your best.

“Thank you for such an amazing experience! I never would have imagined I could be eating this much, training a very manageable amount, not cardio-ing myself to death and achieving such great results! I feel strong, physically and mentally and in control! It’s an amazing feeling after spending a lot of time fussing over my calories and being hungry! The 8 weeks totally flew by because I enjoyed it, because I wasn’t feeling deprived and desperate for it to be over so I could eat more! What an experience! I’m forever grateful – my eyes have been opened to a new way of training and eating!” – Jenna

Express is perfect for you if:

What’s included?



Accountability, education & support:

Disclaimer: Please note this is not a personalised training program, and is not recommended for those with injuries or certain health conditions. We are unable to modify this training program for specific requests. If you require a more customised training program, we recommend our
Premium 1:1 Coaching.

Everything you need to get results in your pocket.

We want to make achieving your goals as easy and convenient as possible! Have access to your training program, personalised nutrition targets, meal plans, 400+ delicious foods & recipes and tonnes of education through our web app.

Everything you need to get the results you want – all in one place!

Proven results from women just like you.

What can you achieve in 8 weeks with our Express 8 Week Program? Let us show you! 

Tara, 39
Erin, 27
Claire, 52
Jenna, 39
Lisa, 47
Laura, 39
Toni, 37

How does express work?


Purchase our Express 8 Week Program and fill in your personal details.


We’ll calculate your personalised nutrition targets, create your meal plans and set you up with your training program through our web app within 24 hours.


Follow your training program and stick to your nutrition targets while enjoying the foods you love – all made easy and convenient with our web app!


Enjoy your results!

Get started today.

We now have Phase 2 of this training & nutrition program available! This new 8 week training program is the progression after you have completed Phase 1 and includes a review of your nutrition targets as well as 2 x new example meal plans.

Express 8 Week Program

$149 AUD

$149 AUD


$249 AUD

one time payment

Afterpay & ZipPay are available. 


This program is delivered via our interactive Find Your Balance web app. You’ll have 10 weeks access to complete your program.

You’ll receive access to the Find Your Balance web app directly after you sign up and complete your onboarding consultation.

As soon you sign up for the program, you will be prompted to complete your onboarding consultation, which will give us all the information we need to calculate your calorie and macro targets and create your example meal plans. We will email you as soon as everything is ready to go (usually within 24-48 hours). If you have any issues, please contact us at

Your app access starts from the moment you sign up to one of our 8 Week Programs and concludes after 10 weeks. You can start at any time during this period, however, the end access date can not be extended.

Unfortunately, there is only an upfront payment option. However, we do have Afterpay available. If you are wanting a weekly payment option, we recommend our Find Your Balance Personalised Coaching, which can be started at any time and paid on a weekly direct debit basis.

Absolutely! All our current clients are welcome to sign up to any of our 8 Week Programs. Just complete the sign up process through our website and we’ll pause your payments for the 10 weeks so that you can continue on with us once your 8 Week Program finishes.

Yes, the nutrition recommendations are completely customised to you, your goals and your preferences. We calculate your daily calorie target and macronutrient breakdown based on the information you provide us with during your onboarding consultation. We also provide you with an example day meal plan based on your targets, plus you’ll have access to our meal plan builder, which contains over 250 delicious recipes, meals, snacks and foods so you’ll never get bored of eating the same thing! However, there will be no nutrition adjustments made throughout your 8 Week Program. 

The 8 Week Program training program is a set program with planned progression. You will be able to choose between a gym-based program or a home-based program to suit your preference. You will have the option to swap exercises based on your abilities or equipment available to you. We have a comprehensive training database on the web app with video exercise demonstrations and coaching cues for every exercise. If you are after a customised training program due to injuries or limitations, our Personalised Coaching would be more suited to you.

For the gym-based training program you will need access to a gym. For the home-based training program you will need some dumbbells of varying weights and a mini resistance band.

There are no check ins throughout the duration of the 8 Week Program. If you are wanting weekly check ins, our Personalised Coaching would be more suited to you.

Our coaching team is available to answer any questions via email ( Our web app has an extensive Learning Hub where you can access over 85 learning modules on a range of topics. We also have an exclusive Facebook group for our clients where you will receive support and encouragement from other like minded women sharing this journey with you. We also share lots of tips and tricks as well as do informative weekly live chats in this group to provide further education and support!

The 8 Week Program will be delivered through a web app on your phone or website on your desktop. It is not downloaded through an app store but can be saved to your phone’s home screen like an app for easy access.

Unfortunately, you will only have continued access to the web app if you sign up to another 8 Week Program or our Personalised Coaching after your 10 week access ends.

Yes, we would absolutely love to continue working with you after the 8 Week Program ends to keep progressing towards your goals! Not all goals can be achieved in 8 weeks. All you will need to do to keep working with us is sign up to another 8 Week Program or our Personalised Coaching!

Since this is a digital product which you gain access to directly after signing up, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances.  

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